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Title: I Dreamt That I Grew Wings
Pairings: Martin Crieff & Douglas Richardson & Arthur Shappey, Martin Crieff/Douglas Richardson/Arthur Shappey, Martin Crieff /Arthur Shappey, Martin Crieff/Douglas Richardson, Douglas Richardson/Arthur Shappey
Tags: Alternate Universe - Prison, Angst, Beginnings, Blow Jobs, Consent, Crimes & Criminals, Friendship, Hand Jobs, Hurt/Comfort, Literal Sleeping Together, Love, Masturbation, Mutual Masturbation, Non-Graphic Rape/Non-con, Prison, Prison Sex, Protectiveness, Talking, Threesome, Trauma, Sharing A Room, Angst With A Happy Ending
Summary: Arthur accidentally killed a man, Douglas did a spot of smuggling, and Martin only ever wanted to fly. Of course, sharing a prison cell is not all that different from being stuck on an aeroplane together... except that it kind of is.
Notes: WARNINGS: A scene involving off-screen non-con. Setting-related verbal/physical/sexual harassment and background violence throughout.
Disclaimer: I know very little about the UK penitentiary system or prisons in general, so I’m sure that the details of prison life in this story will be highly inaccurate.
Written for Jie_Jie, happy birthday!

Visit, movie and books

Jul. 21st, 2017 11:53 pm
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Life continues apace, nothing really that exciting going on. I did spend the day in PA on Wed, attending two TKD classes and visiting a friend. This was both good, and concerning. )

Otherwise, it's been steadily hotter and hotter all week, reaching about 96F/35.5C yesterday, and only slightly better today. I skipped exercise class last night because it was still about 100F/37C with the humidity, and even in the shade, exercising outside just didn't seem like the smartest move. On the other hand, our neighbors have been very generous with their pool, and I took the kids over twice this week for some cooling relief. The two youngest kittens (sibs) were spayed/neutered yesterday. I get that the cats are her children, but the amount of worrying Karen does when something like this comes up (from isolating them so they don't eat before surgery, to worrying if the vet techs are giving them enough love, to thinking something might be wrong with the girl kitty because she wasn't hungry right after surgery) is enough to drive me batshit. Oh, and she called me in the middle of the day today to ask how they were doing. Thankfully, they're both pretty much normal at this point.

This morning, Will and I took Two to see the new Spiderman: Homecoming movie. Overall view: I liked it, but didn't love it. But I think that has more to do with where this Spiderman is in his life than as a comment on the movie as a whole - it was definitely done well, but... )

In books, I finished reading Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee, which [personal profile] hamsterwoman gave me for my birthday. I'm now re-reading it to Two, because of some of the LGBT themes in the story ) The first part of the book takes awhile to get going, with a lot of worldbuilding and character establishing going on, but I'm only really noticing that when I'm re-reading it aloud to Two. When I was reading it for myself, it didn't really bother me. Of course, some of the "plot twists" in the story you could see coming from a mile away, but that was ok, too. Anyway, I enjoyed the book and will be on the lookout for the sequel, which will seem to be Bells' story. Thank you again, [personal profile] hamsterwoman!

And speaking of reading aloud to Two, we finished reading the second Apollo book by Riordan, The Dark Prophecy. Not too much to say there except that it was typical Riordan in that it blended mythology, adventure and smart-ass humor. Apollo is finally starting to be less of an ass, a trend that I hope we continue to see in the next book, whenever that comes out. Apollo starting all the chapters with a haiku is pretty amusing, too. Anyway, we liked it.

Currently reading Raven Boys #2: The Dream Thieves. Still at the beginning, but I'm enjoying it.

Other than that, it's the usual: prodding kids to do homework, being followed around by Two every moment, chores, errands, exercise, worrying a lot about an flister friend, and trying to sneak in some time for myself now and then. An exciting life.

Birthday and camp, Part II

Jul. 15th, 2017 11:41 pm
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For MiniPlu's official birthday, last Thurs (13 Jul), she had one request: for me to take her and a couple of friends to the beach. Beach, lunch, and dinner - the good, the bad and the ugly )

So, kind of a mixed bag for MiniPlu's birthday, but hopefully the positives outweighed the negatives for her.

One thing that was weird, though: Twice - both on the way to the beach and on the way to dinner - Google maps decided, about 3/4 of the way to the destination, to randomly *change* the destination and start giving me directions that made no sense. Fortunately, both times we pinged onto that and pulled over to see what the heck Maps thought it was doing, and discovered the problem, but still - I have no idea why it was doing that. For the beach trip, the diversion was fairly minor - it tried directing me to a nearby town that was further inland, but not *that* far off track. On the way to dinner, however, Maps suddenly thought I wanted to go to ... Norfolk, VA. I have no idea why.

Friday night we drove up to Springfield, MA, where we stayed overnight so we'd be poised to pick up Two from camp by 10am on Saturday. Yet ANOTHER long road trip, whee, plus some camp stories )

So, anyway, kidlet is back, which is both good and stressful. We dumped the entire cloth-based contents of his duffle into the washing machine as soon as we got home, so at least that's already done.

For those who may have missed it, I posted MiniPlu's birthday and throwback pics at LJ here. You will need to be logged into LJ to see them.

Sherlock fic: "Ampersand" 120/127

Jul. 13th, 2017 07:05 pm
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Title: Ampersand
Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft Holmes & Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft Holmes & Sherlock Holmes & John Watson
Tags: Alpha Sherlock, Angst, Asexual Relationship, Asexual Sherlock, Babies, Beta John, Blow Jobs, Bonding, Developing Relationship, Domestic, Family Feels, Friendship, Hand Jobs, Hurt/Comfort, Kissing, Life Partners, Non-Sexual Intimacy, Masturbation, Mpreg, No Incest, Omega Mycroft, Omega Verse, Parenthood, Pining, Platonic Bonding, Polyamory, Pre-Poly, Pregnancy, Requited Love, Sex, Sexual Frustration, Slow Burn, Unconventional Families
Summary: John isn’t all that interested when he finds out that Mycroft is pregnant. Mary just left, things with Sherlock are difficult, and nothing is the same, most of all not John himself. But then there is a bond needed, a baby born, and it was never meant to happen like this, but somehow... Family, love, sex, and making it work - the complicated way. Post season three Omega Verse AU!

Birthday party, camp, TKD, books

Jul. 11th, 2017 11:54 pm
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So, last week was spent cleaning the hell out of the house in anticipation of MiniPlu's birthday party on Saturday. It went well, mostly. )

The day before the party, I'd gone to PA for the day so I could get to a couple of TKD classes, having not been to any since the middle of June. TKD and librarian )

Sunday was the day we took Two to camp, up in New Hampshire. We lopped off about 30 mins from the drive time by moving to NJ, but it's still a long trek, about 5 hours of actual driving time, not counting stops for gas/food. We had a little extra stress coming through NYC on the way home when the onramp we needed was blocked off due to an accident, and Google Maps tried to reroute us by ... driving in a circle and trying again. :P But the cops on the scene were able to direct us more usefully and we were soon on our way again. On the other hand - oy, we are SO tired of long drives by now!

I really do love camp drop-off, though. (And pickup, too, I guess, but somehow drop-off is better, in terms of seeing people?) It's great seeing all the other kids just like Two, many of whom look perfectly ordinary, but you just *know*, since otherwise they wouldn't be at camp, and all their supportive families. It's nice having that affirmation that there are so many other households like ours, you know? (On the other hand, MiniPlu *hates* camp drop-off. Even this year, when she didn't even come, because she still had party guests when we left (plus, why come all that way when there are now adults at home and she doesn't have to?). She and Two might fight, and she might find him frequently annoying as hell, but she misses him terribly when he goes to camp, so she was a sad pooh-bah when we came home without him that night. And she's really looking forward to coming with us to pick him up this weekend.

Reading: I finished a short story collection of bits and bobs by Pottermore: Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide, which was full of fun tidbits. And I also inhaled Simon VS the Homo-Sapiens Agenda (a gift from [personal profile] hamsterwoman. Like, I was up until 1am two nights in a row because I couldn't put it down. I LOVED IT. ) I just loved pretty much everything about this (thank you again, [personal profile] hamsterwoman!), was completely charmed by it, and I'm DYING to read the author's next book except that I have quite a few birthday books remaining, plus my usual "to-read" shelf, and I'm trying hard NOT to buy more right now. But I waaaaannt it.

Currently reading Daughter of the Pirate King, which is a fun romp but also feels somewhat predictable, at least as far as the main relationship goes.

And now, I really must crash. Oh, did I mention that the NC crew are back again? They arrived Sun evening, before we got back from camp drop-off, and will be here until next Sun. Sigh.


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